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  • CS580 Power supply and charger

    CS580 Charger and Power Supply

    Power supply and charger for the CS580 radio. Note that the power supply is rated at 9 volts and 1 amp compared to most other radios being 12 volts.

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  • CS750 Belt Clip

    CS750 Belt Clip

                         Replacement belt clip for CS750/751, CS610, CS700/701, and CS600/601 radios

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  • CS800/CS800D Bracket

    CS800/CS800D Bracket

    Bracket used in the CS800, CS801 and CS800D radios. Don't forget to get the seperate bag of screws if you need them.

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  • Power Cable for Connect Systems and Anytone brand of dual band DMR mobile radios

    CS800/CS800D/AT-D578 POWER CABLE

    Power Cable for the CS800, CS800D, and AT-D578 series radios. This is useful if you destroyed the cable that came with your radio or you want to move your radio to multiple locations but rather not move the cables also.

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  • This is the bottom of the fan and shows the electronics This is the top of the fan

    G90 Cooling Fan

    This is a Xiegu designed cooling fan to work with the G90. The fan runs slow until the radio heats up and then the airflow increases to keep the radio cool. This is recommended if you like to talk non stop or you are using it in digital mode at high...

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