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    G90 SDR 20 Watt HF Radio

    G90 20 Watt SDR HF Radio with Free Shipping

    By now I am sure many of you have heard of the Xiegu G90. This amazing HF radio has so many features, you would expect it to be priced three times what we are currently selling it for. First let me show you what some of our customers think of it...

    Was: $499.00
    Now: $425.00
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  • X5105 radio


    This is the ultimate portable QRP radio with everything built in. It has 1. A 5 watt radio that covers all the HF bands and 6 meters 2. Built in ATU (antenna tuning unit) 3. Battery pack with 3800 mAh capacity All you need to add is an antenna such as a...

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  • Xiegu GSOC Please read description before buying it

    We are not 100% sure when it is going to be available but we think about the end of September or October. For the people who want to be first to get this device, this is a chance to be put on the waiting list. We will ship in the order received. The unit...

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