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  • Antenna Adapter N to SO-239

    RF Industries RFN-1035-1 Adapter N Male to SO-239 (UHF Female) adapter for all CSI mobile radios   Part Number          RFN-1035-1Description            N...

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  • CS-BFD


    The Big Freakin Display is an option to the CS800D (Coming soon for the CS800 and CS801) that allows you to see more information than what is on the small display of the radio. Future FREE firmware enhancements of that product will allow you to...

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  • CS-BFD CAT 5 Cable

    The CS-BFD requires a standard CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable to the CS800D or CS800. This cable is 5 meters (about 15 feet) and flat.

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  • CS-BFD Power Supply

    CS-BFD Power Supply

    Optional power supply for CS-BFD. This is only needed when you attach a radio other than a CS800D, CS800, or CS801 to the display.

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  • CS750 Belt Clip

                         Replacement belt clip for CS750/751, CS610, CS700/701, and CS600/601 radios

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