• CS580 Belt Clip

    CS580 Belt Clip

    Belt Clip for the BFDX CS580 UHF and CS580 VHF Analog portable radio. Genuine BFDX Handheld Radio Spring Belt Clip Includes 2 screws 1 Year Guaranteed Warranty There are no reviews for this product because they very rarely break.

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  • CS580 Charger

    CS580 Charger Base

    Battery charger for BFDX CS580 UHF and CS580 VHF Single Band DMR and Analog Portable Radios. Has a manufactuer part number of BF-B580. This charger has a bi-color led that indicates status as follows: Waiting:         ...

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  • CS580 Programming Cable

    CS580 Programming Cable

    Unlike other radios, it is not absolutely necessary to get a programming cable for radio use. However to access all of the features, you will need to order this programming cable. For $10 you will be able to spend an ungodly amount of time designing your...

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