Radio Repair

Instead of calling us to get your out of warranty radio repaired and then getting a RMA number, we have automated the process. 

If you bought the radio from us and the radio is in warranty, call us to resolve the problem. If you bought the radio from someone else and the radio is in warranty, contact the person you bought it from.

If you have a CS800, CS801, CS800D, CS750 or CS751 and you want us to either update the radio to the latest firmware, including unbricking if necessary, we just charge you our cost of shipping it back.


  • Xiegu G90, X5105 and X6100

    If you send the radio back to the manufacturer, you will probably pay over $300 in shipping cost. Because we get a discount in shipping and we send back more than one radio at a time, we are able to pass on the savings to you. The following is how we...

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