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The AnyTone AT-D578UV is one of the most advanced DMR amateur radios available at any price with an unbelievable set of features not currently available in any other radio. Let us take a closer look at some of the outstanding features.

This radio covers the 2 meter (144 MHz) Amateur Band, 70 centimeter (450 MHz) Amateur Band and the 1.25 meter (220 MHz) Amateur Band.

This radio can store up to 4000 channels. Each channel can be set for digital, analog or digital + Analog. This should be enough channels to cover all the repeaters in your part of the country.

This radio can store up to 250 zones with each zone contain between 1 and 160 channels per zone. Now you can logically arrange all necessary channels in your zones and not be constricted to 16 channels per zone as is done in some of the other radios

This radio can store 300,000 separate contacts. Considering that there are currently less than 200,000 registered contacts right now, there is plenty of room to grow.

It is sometimes difficult to know which repeater to use when you are roaming around. This radio will automatically pick the strongest one in your predefined list.

You cannot monitor all the repeaters in your area, but the radio can. The scanning function will stop on a channel when there is activity on that channel. If there is no activity the radio will skip that channel and look at the next channel.



Dual band 136-174MHz(V),400-480MHz(U)
Tri-Band 144-148MHz, 222-225MHz, 420-450MHz
Channel Spacing 25KHz, 12.5KHz
Phase-locked Step 5KHz, 6.25KHz
Operating Voltage 13.8V DC ±15%
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
Size 188x141x40mm (radio only)
Weight 1.04kg (without accessories)


Sensitivity (12dB Sinad) ≤0.25μV
Digital Sensitivity 0.3uV/-117.4dBm (BER 5%)
Spurious Emission ≤-57dB
Spurious Rejection ≥70dB
Audio Power Output 2W/8Ω
Audio Distortion ≤5%


Max Power Output 55 Watts
Modulation ±5.0KHz@25KHz ±2.5KHz@12.5KHz
Adjacent Channel Power ≥70dB
Hum & Noise ≥40dB
Spurious Emission ≤-36dBm
4FSK Digital Modulation 7K60FXD, 7K60FXE
Audio Distortion ≤5%
Error rate ≤3%



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  • 5

    Posted by john bell on Sep 19th 2023

    love'm have 4 use for dmr and analog

  • 5
    Anytone AT-D578UVIII Basic

    Posted by Rick Swenton W1RHS on Dec 1st 2022

    This is a good quality radio typical of the Anytone reputation. The Rx and Tx audio is very good. I did not care for the audio beeps. They had an ending "click" and their volume was not adjustable. The control head is not detachable. Recently updated firmware and CPS are available. The basic model does not come with GPS or Bluetooth but it is less expensive. If you already have a D878UV HT, this radio has many similarities. The 878 code plug is not compatible but you can export from the 878 and import into the 578 in a few steps. Customer support from CSI is second to none. Super fast delivery even through the Thanksgiving holiday.

  • 5
    Anytone D578UVIII

    Posted by Dan Halpert on Nov 23rd 2022

    It is a great DMR mobile/base radio. CSI shipped it via the USPS and I was shocked that I had it the next day. The programming cable is included and other than the bracket covers part of the port I was able to program it with only a few rookie DMR user mistakes. Thanks CSI !

  • 5
    At 578 Basic

    Posted by Larry Heath on Feb 18th 2022

    Fabulous radio. Smooth transition of 868 code plug to 578. Very impressed.

  • 5

    Posted by K4EZ on Dec 6th 2021

    A friend bought me a Anytone portable and it was such a good radio that I wanted to try the D578. I was not disappointed in its capabilities and the software available for it. It's a good addition to any shack or mobile. K4EZ

  • 5
    AT-D578UViii Basic

    Posted by Ron Rossi on Sep 23rd 2021

    Once you are comfortable with the CPS (Customer Programming Software), the language of DMR, and the interface this radio is a lot of bang for the buck. There is a lot of function to choose from. Which lots of choices comes some complexity. DMR is a steep learning curve...the language associated with DMR requires effort. It does not matter WHICH DMR radio you get, you will have some learning to do. If you are already "in the game" so to speak, then you will appreciate this radio more quickly. I am reviewing the BASIC version which has no GPS or Bluetooth. The components are not installed in the rig and there is no software magic to enable them. There is physically no GPS chip. There is physically no BT module...although there IS a module available on the AnyTime site at I would highly recommend that you buy the Plus or the PRO if you want these functions.

  • 5
    Definitely A Best Buy Value

    Posted by Tony on Jul 21st 2021

    You can read all the great reviews about and see all the great reviews on You Tube about the Anytime 578. The Basic model doesn't have all the BT and GPS extras, but you still get all the power, DMR, and tri-band capabilities. At the price Connect Systems charges for this radio, it can't be beat. On top of which, Jerry gives you personalized service and tech support. You can't do better...period.

  • 5

    Posted by Al Green on May 18th 2021

    I now own two of these... really great radio. It has features not found on other rigs. Receive audio and transmit audio is outstanding. I recomend this rig and would, if needed, buy another one.

  • 5

    Posted by Pete on May 12th 2021

    For a triband radio with 144mhz, 222mhz, and 440mhz fm with dmr, why buy anything else. High quality for a good price.