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CS7000-M17 PLUS

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CS7000-M17 PLUS
Expected ship date is Late August 2024
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DMR, Analog and M17 Radio with BlueTooth and GPS

CS7000-M17 PLUS

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This is a radio as initially shipped, is designed to do the DMR, Analog and M17 Protocol. For those not familiar with M17, it uses 4FSK modulation with an open source Protocol and Vocoder. This entire methology was designed by the HAM community. At the current time, this radio is not finished. However, if you would like to buy it now, you will get a $50 discount from the regular price and will ship in the sequence we get orders when the radio is finished. We are in effect setting up a "Crowd Funding" page. If at any time before the radio is shipped, you are welcome to cancel the order and you will get a complete refund of the amount you paid. We expect to ship in late August 2024.

This radio includes the following items:

Power Supply
Battery Charger
Programming Cable

This radio is in effect a super CS7000 M17 radio. Compared to the CS7000 M17, the radio is about three times faster, has twice the program memory and at least four times the flash memory used to hold contacts, channels and other parameters. 

With this capability, the radio can easily do multiple protocols in the same radio. 

One year warranty

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