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What comes in the box when you buy the radio:
Radio Body, Remote Mount Head, Remote Mount Bracket for Head, Bracket for Body, Power Cord, Microphone With Keypad
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If you do not already have one, it is recommended you get a programming cable set for $25.

If you want a single band, DMR / Analog, UHF mobile digital HAM radio you have a choice between the CS800 and... I don't think you have a choice. This radio has been out now for a few years and the performance and features of this radio is absolutely fantastic. Currently the radio has 2000 channels and 65,000 contacts. Soon it will be expanded to 4,000 channels and 130,000 contacts. Compare that to the commercial radios that have only 1,000 channels and 1,000 contacts. There is not much room in new cars for radios. To solve this problem the radio has a removable head that allows you to put the radio body in the trunk or underneath the seat and the head could be mounted near by.

Remote Head
For the competitors that have removable heads, the cost of the removable head kit is close to twice what you pay for our radio. The Hytera removable head kit is about $405. With this radio you get everything you need except standard CAT 5 cable to remotely mount the head.

Can You Hear Me Now?
The sensitivity of the CS800 is best in its class. With a sensitivity of about .12 microvolts, . The CS800 will allow you to pick up DMR and Analog signals in the fringes that even the more expensive radios cannot achieve. With an output power of 45 watts, the radio can normally reach the repeater even under adverse conditions.

How Rugged is the CS800?
The radio is built to commercial standards and has a very large heat sink so a fan is not needed to cool the radio. Radios that have fans are inherently unreliable.

Will in Work in Sunlight?
One of the important critera for radios in a mobile environment is the ability to clearly see the display. This radio has a backlit monochromatic display that give superb visibility in sunlight and at night.

Superheterodyne Receivers Verses Direct Conversion Receivers
The CS800 receiver is based on a tuned front end double conversion superheterodyne design. This gives the ultimate in sensitivity and selectivity. The cheaper radios are based on a single chip design that often fails in a high RF environment such as you might find if you go to a HAM convention. Because of the design of the PLL in the CS800, any birdies can be eliminated. Not so for the less expensive designs.

CS800 Verses Hacked Radios
Some of you might be comparing the CS800 with the dual band hacked radio from one of our competitors. What the engineers who hacked the radio tried to do was add features that was already in the CS800. While they did a decent job, they still have not incorporated many of the features that has been in the CS800 for many years.

Code Plugs
If you are hesitating to get this radio because your friend has one of our competitors, be aware that through the generous effort of Tom Wheeler, he made a conversion program called "Contact Manager" that converts virtually any manufactures code plug to the CS800. You can get that free program by following this link.

Have you ever tried to get support from some of our competitors. If you know Mandarin Chinese and you have free international calling you will have no problems. If you want to speak to someone who native and only language is English, you call Connect Systems during normal business hours. We also answer e-mails after hours and holidays. Here is what some of our customers say.

 "Once emailed Connect Systems in the early morning hours east coast time. Knowing they were west coast and would not be open for hours I was surprised to get an email response from Jerry personally before they were even open." (From Facebook)

 "I've always has good support from Connect Systems. Chris is amazing." (From Facebook)




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  • 5
    Outstanding Radio and Support

    Posted by Brian Marshall on Apr 9th 2021

    I work with our local radio club and ARES group. We love these radios. The hardware is really solid and the support has been amazing. I can't thank the folks at Connect Systems enough for how great the support has been. I look forward to see the evolution of the entire line.

  • 5
    Great Radio!

    Posted by John A Reiners on Feb 14th 2021

    I ordered this radio on a Thursday evening and had it on my doorstep Saturday afternoon. If you are experienced with DMR then programming this is a breeze. I only wish you could do more than 16 channels to a zone, but that's easy enough to work around.

  • 5
    CS800 DMR Mobile Transceiver

    Posted by Tom N5KGN on Apr 9th 2018

    Had been using a CS750 and chose the CS800 for more power and flexibility. Thoroughly pleased so far. Works very well, programs easily with CPS and seems to have very good digital audio. I have received many complements!

  • 5
    Rig cost and Features

    Posted by Dennis Nelson on Mar 22nd 2018

    Nice rig for analog and digital work. For the price it does well for both. Looking forward to getting it online.

  • 5

    Posted by Dale Johnson on Mar 15th 2018

    Radio worked out of the box after installing the code plug and going though the setups. Excellent audio from the speaker, more than enough to fill the room. Nice quality unit, large heatsink and a overall solid feel to it. I like the mike, the PTT button is robust and has a fairly stiff spring so my thumb gets a bit tired after a long transmission. A good value and also CSI support has been terrific.

  • 5
    I Have Three

    Posted by Jeff on Jan 15th 2018

    Started with one and liked it so much, I now have 2 more. One in the house and one in each vehicle. The control head with the bracket is a quite deep, but so are the Motorola radios. Quick programming from the CPS (once you build the codeplug) and the sound from the control head is good enough eliminating the need for an external speaker. Just remember it uses an N-type versus the PL259.

  • 5
    radio documentation

    Posted by Mark Morgan on Jan 15th 2018

    had no problems setting up hardware or software.... Manual documentation not very useful

  • 5
    CS800: meets expectations!

    Posted by Larry W4OPA on Nov 29th 2017

    Appreciate timely shipping and tracking. Arrived with current firmware and was able to easily program local code plug, on the air in short order. This is my 3rd CSI purchase, every order has met or exceeded expectations! Thank you CSI!

  • 4
    Nice DMR radio

    Posted by Dann on Nov 27th 2017

    I'm new to DMR radio. The CS-800 is a easy radio to use. With the black Friday deal I bought 2.

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