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CS751 (VHF)

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What comes in the box when you buy the radio:
Radio, Battery, Battery Charger, Power Supply, Antenna, Battery Clip
CS751 (VHF)

CS751 (VHF)



  • This radio is not available yet but expects to ship by about August 7.
  • By buying it now you will be in line to get the product in order that you bought it.

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 If you do not already have one, it is recommended you get a programming cable for $5.

If you want a single band DMR / Analog radio you have a choice between the CS751 or CS580. Comparing the two is like comparing the Rolls Royce against a Tesla. They are both great cars but the Rolls Royce won't accelerate to 60 mph is 3.9 seconds. In a like manner, the CS751 is one of the best made DMR radios made at any price but does not have a few features of the CS580. Even some of the Motorola Engineers prefer the CS751 over the Motorola XPR6550.

Can You Hear Me Now?
Some of the Motorola Engineers reported in the Yahoo Forums that the Hardware of the CS751 is 3dB more sensitive than their radio with the other parameters being about the same. One of our commercial customers was testing the radio in Las Vegas when it first came out against the Motorola radio and a Hytera radio and found that they were able to maintain communication at the fringes of reception with their repeater while the other two radios were silent.

How Rugged is the CS751?
The CS751 is among one of the most rugged radios available. We have had a customer accidentally drop the radio from 30 feet and the radio suffered no damage. We had one customer accidentally drop the radio from 50 feet and the only damage was the display which was replaced for $10. Most of the others radios will break and cannot be easily fixed if you look at them funny.

Will it Work in Sunlight?
The CS751 can be used in bright sunlight. The other radios displays fade in bright sunlight. This is a choice you have to make. While the CS580 and a few other radios have a multiline multicolor display, their display cannot be seen in bright sunlight. The CS751 has a two line single color display that can be used even in bright sunlight. The larger color display of the other radios make it easy to break when it falls.

Superheterodyne Receivers Verses Direct Conversion Receivers
The CS751 receiver is based on a tuned front end double conversion superheterodyne design. This gives the ultimate in sensitivity and selectivity. The cheaper radios are based on a single chip design that often fails in a high RF environment such as you might find if you go to a HAM convention. Because of the design of the PLL in the CS751, any birdies can be eliminated. Not so for the less expensive designs.

CS751 Verses Hacked Radios
Some of you might be comparing the CS751 with the less expensive hacked radio from one of our competitors. What the engineers who hacked the radio tried to do was add features that was already in the CS751. While they did a decent job, they still have not incorporated many of the features that has been in the CS751 for many years.

Have you ever tried to get support from some of our competitors. If you know Mandarin Chinese and you have free international calling you will have no problems. If you want to speak to someone who native and only language is English, you call Connect Systems during normal business hours. We also answer e-mails after hours and holidays. Here is what some of our customers say.

"Once emailed Connect Systems in the early morning hours east coast time. Knowing they were west coast and would not be open for hours I was surprised to get an email response from Jerry personally before they were even open." (From Facebook)

"I've always has good support from Connect Systems. Chris is amazing." (From Facebook)

Code Plugs
If you are hesitating to get this radio because your friend has one of our competitors, be aware that through the generous effort of Tom Wheeler, he made a conversion program called "Contact Manager" that converts virtually any manufactures code plug to the CS751. You can get that free program by following this link.


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  • 5

    Posted by Rusty on Apr 7th 2023

    The CS751 radio is easy to program and reliable to use. I carry one in law enforcement. Much better that the big names who do not allow anyone access to their programming software.

  • 5

    Posted by Edd "Rusty" Mascari on Oct 19th 2022

    I use my CS 751 as a SO Reserve Deputy. The radio is as good as my Motorola 6550 for clairity and range.

  • 5
    Great Radio

    Posted by Chason Freeman on Aug 3rd 2021

    Whether you want it for VHF Public Safety or 2 Meter HAM, this radio is for you!!!!!

  • 3
    Would be great if I could use it

    Posted by Conrad Heiney on Feb 8th 2018

    The up to date firmware/software for the radio was pulled in November for unspecified bugs and without it I can't do much. So I have a cool radio, I think, but a software problem.

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